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“Lego for girls”? Hm.

This was a Lego ad in 1981. (Hat tip to bluemilk.)

This is Lego’s new attempt to reach out to girls.

Girly colours. “Ladyfigs”. And a distressingly stereotyped choice of characters/settings (go ahead and click on that link above for more pics), although it does include a token geeky workshop:

(Well, at least they tried.)

I have to admit that first of all, I’m old-school: I like the messy, improvisational, creative style of Lego play as shown in the 1981 ad much more than the prescriptive, limited, merchandising-driven style that dictates you have to buy a special set for everything you want to create. And second, I do like pretty colours. Not pink, so much – but purple and turquoise, oh yes. So I could absolutely be tempted to get some sets of “girly” bricks (although it would make me a little queasy)… but the whole idea of “Lego for girls”?

Has the world gone mad?

Back in 1981, it was perfectly obvious that “Lego for girls” was just… Lego.

…You know, I honestly thought I had something to say about this. Turns out I don’t. It’s so self-evidently ridiculous and offensive and wrong that I can’t get any further than just pointing to the pictures: look. Look what’s happening here. Weren’t we supposed to be moving forward?

[marches offstage spitting and waving arms and maybe sobbing slightly]