(Almost) moving time…

Well, we now know exactly when we’ll be taking up our new abode (8 March), and we also know that alas, the gods have decreed we will be sans internet until 14 March. So be warned: the shop will be shut for a week, from around midday on Thursday 6 March (to give me time to post those final orders). I am taking this as an opportunity to unpack and get everything beautifully organised before re-connecting to the world and fighting fires again. Will this work out? We’ll see…
Meanwhile, I’ve finished Armin’s lovely Wollmeise socks, and I’ve almost finished my handspun handwarmers, but the latter need ends to be woven in and the former are right now enclosing the dear man’s feet as he sleeps and feels sorry for himself. (He’s just gotten a nasty dose of the flu – just a few weeks after recovering from a bad cold. He’s allowed to feel sorry for himself.) So no photos.
Time I went for my morning run now. I’ve been fantastically disciplined about running lately, ever since mid-December in fact. (At first, part of the motivation was knowing I’d need strong thighs for skiing.) I feel terribly pleased with myself and my thighs of steel – or if not actual steel, then at least thinly beaten aluminium – but would like the universe to know that I think things are Very Poorly Arranged when all this exercise serves only to give me fabulously toned thighs, completely hidden under a thick blanket of fat. (I hear that to remove said fat blanket, “eating less” might be an option, or at least “eating less cookies”. I find this an extraordinarily unappealing idea.) Anyway, so I’m off for my run. And then it’s time for breakfast. Mmmm, hot cross buns…


5 thoughts on “(Almost) moving time…”

  1. Eating less cookies (though personally, I prefer cake)is just not an option. One has to keep one’s strength up! I’m exercising by watching “Ski Sunday” – I haven’t done this for some years, and was wondering what had happened to Jean-Claude(?) Killy?! Ah..perhaps he has retired. Good luck with the move!

  2. Is it “man flu”*? I’ve only recently learned the technical term for this, but I must admit I’ve seen the symptoms.
    Good luck with the move! Watch out for stash pirates, hijacking your vessel full of silk. I don’t find the eating less a problem, I find the exercising a problem. It’s a pity knitting doesn’t burn more calories.
    * “Oh, god, I’m dying. No, don’t bother with the Medlemon, it’s too late now, just leave me to die here. And if you could possibly pass the remote so I can spend my final hours watching TV, I’ll be sure to put in a good word for you with St Peter. No, don’t bother with another blanket, or chicken soup, I’ll be dead in a few hours anyway. Sorry to be such a burden. Gack.”

  3. Well, at least you know the fabulously toned thighs are under there – I’m the same, fit and active and well padded. Two large and young dogs do that for you….

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