Ask me anything

Thank you to my first two lovely commenters, who wasted no time in demanding information. It is my pleasure and my duty to provide this.
1. Everymoment asks: What am I working on now?
A sexy little wraparound top* with lace trim, in hot red Siena. Don’t be misled by that rather dull photo, the yarn is sheeny and the red is HOT. That would be why they call it Chili. Photos will be forthcoming, I promise, but not right now. Too busy to photoblog. Sorry.
2. Jo asks: Where can she get a pattern for a baby beanie in 4-ply?
Kate Gilbert has completely adorable designs, for hats in all sizes from baby to big person. Yarn weight not specified, but judging from the tension, 4-ply should do the trick. But they’re not free, alas, and $4.95 isn’t a negligible sum in South African rand.
Bagatell offers a free rib beanie pattern for adults — I reckon you could cast on in 4-ply and keep going till you have a baby-sized hat, then cast off. Hey, it’s only teeny weenie, you won’t waste too much time; so why not try?
Your other option is to compare your gauge using 4-ply to the required gauge for the DK patterns you’ve found, do the math and convert the instructions. Sounds like hard work. I’d try the Bagatell if I were you. 😉
PS. Sorry this response is a bit late. We have been trying to decide what to do about the remaining gremlins in the blogworks. Decision: ignore ’em. Nasty little buggers. They should affect only me, not you, Dear Readers; but do email if you have any trouble.
* Of my own design. I have only followed a pattern once in my life (and even then “followed” is perhaps not entirely accurate!). I’m frequently tempted to knit a design I see, but it never seems to match anything in my stash, and I won’t go buying yarn for a pattern when I have so much fabulous stash begging to be used.